Erotic gay massage

Erotic gay massage is the hottest massage experience in Benidorm.

What is erotic gay massage?

You sure know what a massage is!

So now you just add the sexiest fantasies you have while having a massage and then also add some mutual touch with the male masseur.

This is the ideal massage for men who don’t want to have sex with a total stranger.

Though it is the safest way to find sexual release.

Let me stress also the fact that massage never includes full intercourse.

Advantages of erotic gay massage

As you know, massage is always absolutely safe. Because no fluids are shared, no saliva and no semen. Massage only involves the hands and some body parts of the masseur, as his shoulders and chest.

Erotic massage allows you to explore the forbidden aspects of sexuality.

Because usually we practise sex with no awareness. Call it “automatic mode” or “routine”.

  • Safe of dangers of cruising and sex
  • Sexy connection with the therapist
  • Ejaculation
  • Anal stimulation
  • Amazing release

Please check if you wish to learn more specific informations about erotic massage between men.

Erotic gay massage prices

There is no ideal time length for erotic massages. So your agenda rules!


This is the “express release”. So very convenient for men in a rush!

Price: 150 €

60 minutes

Many men tell me “time flies!” when we get close to finishing. Though it is the perfect session for most gay customers.

Price: 200 €

75 minutes

Men from the United States and Canada are used to pay 200 dollars for 30 minutes. Now adding a small amount you can enjoy a much longer session!

Price: 250 €

90 minutes

Finally, this is the most luxurious session! Enjoy the widest range of erotic grips and techniques! Including anal massage and prostate stimulation, this is an amazingly hot experience! You’ll find the most exciting release. You’ll be able to climax twice or even more times!

Price: 300 €

Limits of erotic gay massage

We all know the differences between massage and sex. If you still need more details, please feel free to call me and let’s discuss it personally.

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