Sensual Gay massage

Sensual Gay massage is a very special treat.

Because many men have erotic fantasies while they are being massaged. Sometimes therapy massage is not enough for them!

So let’s go one step further!

Sensual Gay massage

We all know what sensuality is about. It is a soft eroticism, something that awakens the frisky need for tenderness. It’s also this sexy feeling we have before getting sexually aroused.

Keeping this level of soft eroticism is very hard for many masseurs. And for customers as well! Though many men want to keep it on this level. For whatever reasons!

To serve this sort of massage the professional masseur needs to have some very strong self-control. Over himself and over the whole situation at hand.

It is not as easy as you may think!

So this is the perfect massage for men who wish to avoid any too intimate contact. The goal is topping the legitimate massage with some forbidden strokes.


There are three different options, depending on the time you wish to enjoy!

75 minutes

The full sensual gay massage! You’ll love it! This timing includes some extra features that are usually included in the Tantric and erotic massages.

Price: 150 €


This is an “express menu”. Ideal for men in a rush or with a packed agenda!

Price: 90 €

60 minutes

The most popular choice for sensual massage. Enough time to disconnect from stress and achieve an amazing climax.

Price: 120 €

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Sensual Gay massage limits

As opposed to Tantric massages and erotic massages, the sensual touch is not as explicit. So this massage is not intended for men who need reciprocal touch with the masseur.

This is the ideal massage for men who need to test their own fantasies

Gay men who wish to share a much more intimate connection, with mutual touch, should choose the Tantric massage or the erotic massage instead.

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