Tantric Gay massage

Tantric Gay massage is the most special massage experience you’ll ever have. Honestly.

What is Tantric Gay massage?

If you ever heard about Tantric massage you already have an idea about sexual awareness and spiritual connection.

Though many gay men think Tantric massage equals Tantric sex, and that’s obviously not true.

Since it is about common sense, there are differences between what we understand with the word “massage” and the word “sex”.

So all these differences apply to Tantric massage. A massage never includes full intercourse, so not even oral sex.

Advantages of Tantric Gay massage

You may be wondering, “so what good is a Tantric massage?”

First off, your safety. Both physical and emotional safety.

Massage is an absolutely safe activity. Because no intimate fluids are shared, not using the mouth and not using other very intimate sexual parts.

Tantric massage will help you explore your most intimate aspects of sexuality.

Because usually we practise sex with no awareness. Call it “automatic mode” or “routine”.

  • Awareness
  • Deep mutual connection
  • Ejaculation control
  • Different kinds of orgasms
  • Anal pleasure
  • Powerful release

We can go much more into details. Please check www.male-masseur.com to read many more posts about all these aspects.

Tantric Gay massage prices

Ideally the sessions should take a minimum time of 90 minutes. Though I understand there are times you are on a very tight schedule.


This is sort of an “express menu”. So absolutely ideal for men in a rush!

Price: 150 €

60 minutes

This timing is on the edge of “I wish we had more time”. Though enough time to disconnect from stress and achieve an amazing climax.

Price: 200 €

75 minutes

Many gay men are used to spend 250 € on an erotic massage. Some Tantric masseurs in Europe charge this amount for one hour. With me you’ll be enjoying a bit more!

Price: 250 €

90 minutes

This is the ideal timing for Tantric massage. You’ll hear also that the minimum time are two hours, but for a first visit this is the ideal length. During this session you’ll enjoy the full journey through the most relevant landscapes of Tantra.

Price: 300 €

120 minutes

Forget about time. You’ll achieve full awareness of your sexual pleasure. This sessions allows you to experience many different kinds of climax, with and without ejaculation. Some say this is the minimum timing for Tantric connection between two men. We will share the amazing journey of the most intimate connection between two men.

Price: 400 €

Limits of Tantric Gay massage

As you already read, the limits are oral sex and penetration. A massage is never involving full intercourse. It’s common sense!

You will be surprised of how exciting it is to accept these limits! You’ll be on the edge of desire and control!

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