Gay life in Benidorm

Gay life in Benidorm

Gay life in Benidorm is getting more and more interesting! Some new gay bars and saunas have been launching in the past years.

Spain, and more specifically the Mediterranean coast, is becoming very gay-friendly. Along with the classic gay travel destinations as Sitges and Barcelona, Benidorm is scoring higher and higher.

Gay life in Benidorm in the past

Even though the past is not a relevant subject to talk about, it is the place where “we are coming from”. So it helps to understand the present.

Benidorm used to be a destination for Spaniards coming from the center and the North of the country. In search of sun, beach and higher temperatures.

The small village grew into a medium sized city during the 1970s. All of sudden, higher and higher buildings are becoming more interesting for real estate investors. The result is an amazing skyline that reminds of Manhattan.

Gay life in Benidorm: the present

Nowadays the visitors of Benidorm are a very colourful mix of Europeans, Middle East families and Russian citizens.

The influence of Scandinavian and Central European young men has brought along many gay businesses. They started timidly in the 90s and are now solid enterprises with a steady clientele.

We all know that Muslim men are absolutely “closeted”. Though they use their time in Benidorm to escape the family for a couple of hours. This is the only way they have to indulge to live up their gay fantasies.

Maybe some sauna time or maybe a sexy m4m massage!

Once you visit this city you will probably feel that Benidorm is not a specifically gay destination. Though it is open-minded, very relaxed and tolerant.

Gay men visiting Benidorm don’t make a big show out of it. The gay bars are somewhat discrete, but the atmosphere inside is very welcoming. Like a family!

I am sure once you make some friends you’ll have the chance to meet them also out of the strictly gay bars.

Fancy some beach time with gay friends?

Future of Gay life in Benidorm

In the foreseeable future, Benidorm’s gay life will be steadily increasing. A relevant part of the gay visitors are planning the future by establishing in this area. Especially Scandinavian mature men see themselves retiring here.

So we can all expect to see new gay services run by expert professionals.

The mild weather throughout the year is also a very attractive asset! While the Summer is extremely hot, Winter eventually feels very mild for Nordic expectations.


Benidorm is an interesting city for gay men. Especially for mature men who wish to enjoy some relaxing holidays by the seafront.

Since Benidorm offers a very wide range of services, you’ll be able to find everything you need for your daily life. And also for the special moments you’ll like to plan.

For instance, an amazing massage for gay men!

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