Gay men Benidorm

Gay men Benidorm

Gay men Benidorm are three words that are unusual to find together. Since Benidorm is a not too gay travel destination.

Until now!

In the last years more and more gay men are visiting this amazing though weird coastline city.

Once you arrive from Alicante’s El Altet airport you can see a Manhattan-ish skyline with tall and slender buildings.

Benidorm’s tourist target is obviously the middle class straight family and young couples.

Leisure for Gay men Benidorm

Benidorm has few places for gay men. A sauna and a bunch of bars are the only gay-led  leisure options. On top of this, they are small. So not exactly what you expect from this sort of skyline!

Though year by year gay life is getting much better. So the leisure options are growing as well.

Gay men Altea

Altea is a beautiful little village North from Benidorm, just a few kilometres away. It is really worth visiting! Since it is a completely different style and ambiance!

It still feels  as the small fishermen village it once used to be. The promenade with the fish restaurants is a landmark.

At the opposite end facing North you’ll find the nudist beach. That’s an interesting spot to visit!

I can’t assure you if some gay cruising is going on there, but we can always give it a try.

Massage for Gay men Benidorm

One of the most forgotten services gay men are looking for is erotic massage.

It is easy to understand though! Most off gay men prefer sex all the way.

But massage is a cultural sign and more and more gay men are discovering it.

During the daytime gay men visit also the baches nearby. Watching hot men come and go, in their sexy bathing suits.

So you come back to your hotel or apartment. Absolutely horny!

Some erotic fantasies may come to your mind. That’s the perfect time to enjoy some nice massages.

And if massage can have some hot extras, that’s even better!

Gay massage Benidorm

This is why I am offering you this very special service!

Send me an SMS and ask me about my availability and massage prices.

Gay men Barcelona

I am splitting my time between Benidorm, Altea and Barcelona. So contact me if you are interested and we will set the ideal timing for you!

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